The i-Socket Autoswitch is the ONLY intelligent switch that can control the in-rush of current on startup to eliminate circuit overload with a 7 second delay off

Reduce noise in the work area

Save electricity costs

Extend the life of your vacuum system

Increase efficiency and focus on your work.

The i-Socket Autoswitch was designed by a woodworker for woodworkers.

The i-Socket Autoswitch will make your work more efficiently and enjoyable.

Put the patented technology to work for you.

Get one today at one of our many dealers.

How many times has this happened?

You have the vacuum or dust collector plugged into your Miter saw.
You hit the trigger, make the cut, then start walking away.
But as usual, you forgot to turn on the vacuum system…again.
Defeats even having a vacuum system attached to the power tool!

Did you know?

Airborne sawdust can lead to many different health problems.
Sawdust is dangerous and can contain harmful substances such as glue, resins, preservatives, sealants and mold.
Having and most importantly, using a vacuum system helps eliminate airborne sawdust.